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Guest Information

Welcome to Blue Peaks Lodge and Apartments. Thank you for choosing to stay with us.

A Friendly Reminder:

  • Check-out time: 10am.
  • Office hours: 7:30am – 8pm.
  • Reception 0-441 0437 (Dial 0 for outside line).
  • Cougar Security after hours: 03 441 0437 (for urgent assistance).

Please get in touch with reception if you require any assistance or wish to report a breakage or fault with your unit or apartment.

Important Information:

For guest convenience, we provide a starter pack of toiletries and household items. After this, we ask that guests purchase their own supplies as required, for guest stays of 8 days and more a linen and towel change is provided. Additional servicing of any Blue Peaks Apartments can be requested. Fees apply. We ask that guests dispose of their rubbish and recycling, using the bins located in the underground car parks.

Our Blue Peaks Lodge rooms are not serviced daily. Supplies are available at reception. Each room is deep cleaned and sanitised at the end of each stay.

Please return keys to reception on departure, a key drop box outside reception is available if leaving before 7.30am.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Wi-Fi Internet Access:

A complimentary Wi-Fi code is given on arrival. Please connect to the Blue Peaks Wi-Fi and make sure that you close any apps open in the background of your device. Call 0800 479 434 if any issues.

The WiFi code is: bpqueenstown

Office Hours:

Reception is open from 7.30am to 8.00pm daily.*
Reception 0-441 0437 (Dial 0 for outside line).
*Hours can vary during winter months, please check with reception.

Bike & Ski Storage:

We have a bike and ski storage room, please contact reception for the key.


Blue Peaks Lodge rooms are not serviced daily. Supplies are available at reception. Each room is deep cleaned and sanitised at the end of each stay.

Hot Water:

Please try to avoid long hot showers as our water cylinders are individual to each room and are heated by electricity which can take 4-6 hours to reheat. Please think of others in your room. Thank you.

Laundry At Blue Peaks Lodge:

Full laundry facilities are available in the basement area at the far end of the reception block, with token-operated machines and dryers. Soap powder is automatically dispensed in the machine. Tokens are available at reception during office hours only. There is a clothesline available for use at the end of the driveway behind the guest laundry.

Rubbish/ Recycling:

Bins are located around the property. For food waste, there is a compost bin located at the back of the main lodge, near the clothes line.


Please ensure furniture is not placed adjacent to the balcony or windows where children can climb or where it could possibly result in an accident.


Guests are welcome to store small valuables in the reception safe. These can be accessed during reception opening hours. In the interest of safety & security for all guests, we do reserve the right to enter any room on a daily basis.


All our units and apartments are smoke-free. If you wish to smoke, please do this outside only. Guests will be charged a cleaning fee if they ignore this request.

Luggage Storage:

Please contact reception if you require your bags to be stored in the luggage room.

Fire Siren:

In Queenstown, we have a Volunteer Emergency Service Brigade. Should you hear a siren sound this is to call the volunteers to the station.


Please respect other guests by keeping noise to a minimum. We request any visitors leave by 11pm. Management has the discretion to ask any person to leave the property should the need arise.

Instruction Manuals:

Instruction manuals for most appliances are located in the bottom right-hand drawer in the kitchen.

Other Information:

Conserving Our Planet:

Blue Peaks Lodge & Apartments are proud to be silver rated by Qualmark’s enviro award. This award recognises our high commitment to responsible environmental tourism. We achieve this by providing full recycling and composting facilities for our guests, reusing grey water, using enviro approved cleaning products and paints and striving to reduce waste and water consumption whenever possible. We ask that you consider joining fellow guests in helping to protect our environment.

In order to conserve energy, before you leave your room please check:

  • Lights & heaters are switched off.
  • Television and radio are turned off.
  • Oven is turned off.

We also ask that you consider reusing towels and consider moderate water use when showering, brushing your teeth or shaving. If you wish to reuse your towels, please hang them up in your room. Towels on the bathroom floor or in the bath will be replaced.

Rubbish/ Recycling:

Recycling bins are located in car park areas.
What can be recycled in Queenstown?

  • Plastics labelled 1 – 7 (washed and lids off).
  • Tins and aluminium cans (washed).
  • Empty aerosol cans.
  • Clean aluminium foil.
  • Glass bottles, jars and their lids (washed).
  • Paper and small cardboard items (e.g. magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes and office paper).
  • Larger cardboard items.

Please do not recycle any food-contaminated cardboard or plastic.

Fire Action:

If you discover a fire – warn other building occupants by:

  • Operating the nearest alarm point.
  • Dial 0-111 and ask for fire.
  • When warned of a fire in this building you will hear an alarm.
  • Leave the building immediately.
  • Follow the green exit signs – walk, do not run.
  • Your nearest exit is located: front door.
  • Assemble: across the road from reception.
  • Remain there until the all-clear is given.
  • If you require assistance to evacuate: alert other occupants for assistance.
  • Firefighting equipment available: underneath the kitchen sink.

Blue Peaks Apartments Queenstown